Te Whānau Mārama.


The three hanging cabinets collection represents the Māori Mythology Te Whānau Mārama (the family of light) which describes the celestial bodies and their deities.


Displaying a simple motif of stained black American Oak inlaid with Maple discs, the cabinets are unified in their refined exterior appearance and visual form repetition.

As the doors are opened, the cabinets reveal their secret independent identities of waxing and waning forms through their use and treatment of materials.

Cabinet One – Te Rā (the sun) 

American Oak with the highly reflective bright Brass disc depicting the light of the sun.

Cabinet Two – Ngā Whetū (the stars) 

Jarrah with Copper disc represents the warmth of starlight.

Cabinet Three – Te Hinātore (moonlight) 

Black stained Cork with Steel disc portrays a night sky’s visual texture and depth with soft moonlight.


The cabinet panels are constructed of 6mm Birch plywood with solid wood edges clad with 2.5 mm shop cut Oak, Jarrah veneer, and natural Cork sheet. Mitre jointed cabinet with re-enforcing Oak splines.

Elegant shop made Brass pulls at the bottom right of each door invite the viewer to look inside.

The drawer bases pop with the colour and grain pattern of veneered Silky Oak.

Natural, non-toxic hard wax oil provide an earthly satin finish.

All materials and construction methods were carefully considered to reduce overall weight and stability of natural seasonal movement. Low profile aluminium cleats provide 5mm separation between the cabinets and wall surface.


Photography by North Side Studio. Melbourne, Aus